Larry started coaching with the beach to blades movement in Los Angeles California, taking the roller blade game from the beaches to the local ice rinks. He has served various roles over the years within hockey both on and off the ice. Larry has served as president at two hockey associations in Colorado and sat on the board for Colorado Amateur Hockey Association which governs hockey for the state of Colorado. He has coached at all levels over the years from Mites to Midgets A, B, AA and he even coached an adult women's league in Colorado, the Growler's. Larry runs Renegades Hockey with his three sons every summer in Bellingham, Washington.


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Head Coach | Larry MacDonald | (970) 433-8043


Team Contact

Club President | Aidan Knabb | (360) 223-9939

Vice President | Corbin Benson | (425) 905-9177

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Club History

Western Washington University’s hockey club was originally started by the university students in 1980. In the years between 1980 and 1997, the team played only non-sanctioned games against local opponents. At this time, the team was primarily comprised of WWU students, Whatcom Community College students, faculty and friends. For many years, the club hockey team continued to allow Whatcom Community College to play, but today only full-time Western students are allowed to compete due to new sport club policies.

In 1997, Western’s hockey club joined the American Collegiate Hockey Association and began playing more competitive games against non-local teams and other universities. In 2012, the club left the ACHA and joined the National Collegiate Hockey Association, that same season, the team would go on to win the national championship which was held in Buffalo, New York. Western continued to play in the NCHA for two more years before returning to the ACHA in their 2014-2015 season.

Today, Western Washington University is a member of the PAC-8 (ACHA). During their season, WWU also plays out of conference games with other ACHA teams as well as regional junior hockey teams making occasional trips to Oregon, Utah, and California.

Western’s hockey team is an organization run entirely by WWU students. The club succeeds to this day in the goal of providing an opportunity for students to participate in a competitive hockey league while gaining valuable experience in leadership positions.

While experience on the team may vary, most players have played at the AAA level and usually have many years of experience playing hockey before joining. The team also has many players coming from junior hockey or other higher level leagues.